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04/30/2012 01:36

Companies in these modern times are severely challenged if they don't have access to a reliable credit card BIN verifier. This business solution is now an integral part of the company's MIS, and it is essential for businesses to perform the necessary BIN lookup before proceeding and confirming a credit or debit card transaction or purchase.We are witness to major changes at how people conduct their business and most companies are now more focused on measures that would lower operating cost and improve customer service. Find details at website security Various aspects of the business are now automated and transactions can now be done through the Internet. Amid these major developments, companies are faced with serious threats of fraud and other forms of scam activities. Company owners and managers need to be vigilant and take a proactive stance to avert serious financial repercussions of these threats which do not only impact on the company's bottom line but break the business as well.The risk of a no-contact transaction between the seller and the buyer is real and while it offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities for companies to increase their earning potential and profit margin, it is imperative that they institute the necessary safety nets so that such transactions don't lead to huge financial losses.The bank identification number, which is simply known as BIN in commercial circles, is the 6-digit numeric code that is indicated on gift, credit and debit cards. Recently, these numeric codes have also been referred to as the Issuer Identification Number or IIN, these being the numeric ID of the bank or company that issued the credit and debit cards.The BIN or IIN is a very important security feature of financial cards. This is the main reason why companies are strongly advised to have ready access to a reliable and up-to-date BIN database list. The entries and records in a credit card database download consist of critical information about the issuer of the card. These also include the bank or company that issued the financial card as well as its address.In addition to this, you will also be able to ascertain the validity of the credit card transaction by accessing the relevant information available in the credit card BIN list. In this way, you will know if there is a basis to proceed with the credit card transaction or not. The credit card BIN database provides details about the status of the credit card and such information should serve as a warning in case there is an attempt to commit fraud in a particular online transaction. These supplementary information and data are necessary if you want to provide a safe and secure business regime which can protect your interest as well as the interest of your clients.  More at this link.