top tier income program

05/10/2012 09:24

If you're struggling in Online-Marketing, one reason could be that you have not yet discovered the value of a Top-Tier Program. So what is a Top-Tier Program? A Top-Tier program is best recognized by the following three characteristics: Visit top tier income program for more details.
        A Top-Tier Program pays out 100% commissions on the products or services sold.  And the direct seller receives the bulk of this amount with a much smaller percentage going to an override.
        A single sale generates somewhere between $500-$15,000.
        Top-Tier programs typically consist of high-value bundled products or services.
So now that we have a basic understand of what a Top-Tier program is, let's evaluate 5 reasons why a Top-Tier Program could be a great choice for you.
        A Top-Tier Program yields a very high percentage of the original price.  Anywhere from 60%-80%.  This means that with a single sale, you will make back most of your initial investment.
        A Top-Tier Program creates fast cash-flow that is required to advertise and go full-time in your primary business quickly.  For example, if you made just three sales which generate $800 a piece, that would total $2,400 dollars.  How would you like to have an extra $2,400 dollars in your advertising budget?
        Most Top-Tier Programs have a low percentage override which will allow you to leverage your time.  For example, if a $1,000 sale is made, and 80% ($800) goes to the direct seller whom you sponsored... the other $200 dollars goes to you as the direct seller's sponsor.
        Top-Tier Company products and services are usually high-quality or high-value but have been bundled together which allows them to be sold at amazingly low discount prices.  What this means is that what you are getting from your initial purchase is worth 10-20 times the amount that you are paying.
        Top-Tier Programs will work if you are currently a marketer, or if you are brand new.  Top-Tier programs allow a new person to quickly achieve full-time income.  And current marketers can further monetize their list and finally make the income that they deserve.
Despite how good a Top-Tier Program sounds, if you do not have a proven system in which to implement the use of a Top-Tier program, you will not have success. In fact, you are almost certainly doomed for failure...If you do not already have a Simple 3 Step System in place, you need to go to my website and download my book, Warp-Speed MLM Success.  Or, please visit my site to connect with me, and find out my recommendation for the best Top-Tier program.    For more details, please visit this link.