protection from identity theft

04/30/2012 01:14

Identity Theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in Canada & US. More than a million Canadians & US residents from all walks of life, including lawyers, judges, even police officers, will find themselves in this very nightmare this year, netting criminals millions & billions of dollars.Identity Theft refers to the foundation stage of acquiring and collecting someone else's personal information for criminal purposes. As of January 08/2010, Senate Bill S-4 became law, making it illegal to possess another person's identity information for criminal purposes. Check out protection from identity theft But the thieves still find ways and always will.Identity Theft is obtained by technology, mainly the Internet, enables more elaborate schemes, such as browsing, phishing, and hacking as criminals gather information of potential victims. Computer spyware and viruses, designed to help thieves acquire personal information. It has been known that thieves will even go into a persons garbage to obtain information that they can use to gain your identity. How safe is it for you to use your credit cards online or even at the stores. There has been on the news of a device that a person can just walk by you and this device can read your credit cards, drivers license etc. It is getting unsafe to even walk in a mall with friendsIdentity Theft victims can experience financial loss and difficulty obtaining credit or restoring their "good name". The emotional and financial trauma can be extremely devastating. Families have split up over this type of trauma. Can you imagine losing your job because someone stole your ID and committed a crime? How would you explain that to your family, friends, co-worker & boss. See what these people can do to you. Are you ready to defend yourselves against this type of crime?Identity Theft thieves look for the following information and once they get it anything can happen:- full name
- date of birth
- Social Insurance Numbers
- full address
- mother's maiden name
- username and password for online services
- driver's license number
- PIN numbers
- credit card information
- bank account numbers
- passport numberIdentity Theft protection is one sure way of staying ahead of these thieves and protecting your identity, financial status, privacy, emotional wellbeing. More information on this protection can be found here. Do you want to protect yourself against this crime or do you want to wait until it happens and then try to restore what has been taken from you, and that could cost you plenty of money, time and emotional hard times for you and your family.   Find details on this page