phone interview thank you

04/10/2012 13:45

When interviewing for a job, most job interviews are done in person. However, a growing number of companies are now relying on over-the-phone job interviews. Phone interviews are ideal for home-based jobs, jobs in which the job seeker is relocating from another state, and they are just plain timesavers (a hiring manager can do more phone interviews with less hassle and time than in-person ones).If you have a telephone job interview coming up; keep these dos and don’ts in mind.DO be well aware of the interview call time. Know when the call will be coming in so you can answer the phone, have a quiet and comfortable environment, and so forth. At this point in time, it is also important to know if you will receive a call or if you need to place the call.DON’T assume the kids or pets will be quiet for 15 to 20 minutes. Any parent or pet owner will tell you the kids want to play or the dog wants to go outside at the worst time possible. If another adult or teenager is in the home, place them on babysitting or pet-sitting duty for the length of your job interview.DO choose a quiet room to have your interview. Say that you are all alone in the home; any location will be fine. If other humans or animals are present, pick a room in your house, take your fully charged cordless phone into the room and close the door. Eliminate all potential background noises, including a television, washer, or dyer.DON’T make the mistake of treating a phone interview different than a traditional job interview. It is the exact same; just the interview is done on the telephone. Prepare ahead of time. Research common job search questions, practice drafting your answers, and so forth.DO create a cheat sheet. This cheat sheet can simply be your resume. You want points to reference. The hiring manager is likely looking and your resume; have a copy yourself handy so you can follow them through this resume line by line. Make note of any job duties, skills, or training you have but may have forgot to include on your resume.DON’T forget about proper telephone etiquette. Always be polite throughout the entire phone call. Speak in a clear and professional manner; do not eat, drink, or chew gum during the interview. It is easier to ramble in person, as we can’t see the face of the hiring manager to realize that we got off track; try not to ramble.DO get the contact information for this hiring manager. Phone interviews are usually first-time interviews. Many companies will schedule in-person job interviews for all serious applicants. With that said, still send a thank you note. Before this can be done, you need the contact information on the hiring manager. A physical address is best for a handwritten thank you note; however, an email thank you note will do.DON’T forget to end the telephone job interview on a positive note. A simple “thank you; I look forward to hearing from you soon” is often overlooked in phone interviews. Don’t make this mistake; close out your interview with a simple, yet effective, and meaningful thank you. For more information, check out phone interview thank you