nidra yoga

09/10/2012 00:41

There has been a sudden shift and a powerful change throughout the world that has led to more and more people discovering and experiencing the benefits of Yoga Nidra.Perhaps you are one of those people who have found themselves becoming more aware of Yoga Nidra and want to learn more about some of the reasons why you should experience this powerful practice. For more, please check out nidra yoga. If so, then you will be glad to know that in this article you will learn about seven of the most extraordinary reasons why many people have started to take time each day to drop down into the deep state of Yogic sleep and relaxation through Yoga Nidra.7 Extraordinary Reasons to Practice Yoga Nidra!Extraordinary Reason to #1 - It leads to a better amount of efficiency at work.Extraordinary Reason #2 - Dropping into Yogic sleep daily enhances your ability to be both creative and focusedExtraordinary Reason #3 -It enhances both your creative abilities as well as improving the focusing and problem-solving aspects of your mind. One of the most amazing things you will begin to discover when you start practicing Yoga Nidra on a daily basis is the fact that many of the "problems" you have in your life really just require a more creative and different way at looking them. With the practice of Yoga Nidra not only does it allow you to drop in for more creativity it also lets you let go of looking at your "problems" from the same angle which allows you to find solutions much more easily.Extraordinary Reason #4 - Believe it or not this practice will enliven your whole brain which allows you to become both more creative and practically productiveExtraordinary Reason #5 - Simply stated Yoga Nidra will increases your tolerance to stress which means you become less susceptible to it. Believe it or not, in terms of stress we all have different amounts of it that we can handle of it at one time. Some of us hold on to the experience of stress for much longer than the stressor actually exists. The good news is that not only does the practice of Yoga Nidra increase your capacity to handling stress it also helps you let go of the stresses that you are holding on to that no longer serve you in any way.Extraordinary Reason #6 - You will suddenly find yourself experiencing an increase in your levels of leadership behaviorsExtraordinary Reason #7 - Your work and personal relationships will begin to improve in so many different waysAs you can see there are a variety of different reasons why you should begin your practice of Yoga Nidra as quickly as you can so that you too can begin to experience the profound affects that this practice offers so many.  Visit this link for details.