natural yeast infection treatment

04/13/2012 20:22

The best yeast infection treatment is not the pills, the yogurt, garlic cloves or the creams or lotions. The best way to avoid trouble in your system is by maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding too much sugar and most importantly drinking enough water.A healthy diet keeps the immune system up which allows your body to fight the bacteria, sugar (and carbohydrates) are food of the yeast so avoid them and water is the best medicine, it flushes out toxins, bacteria and sugars from the body.Of course, when the trouble does strike, there are many medicines, creams, lotions and suppositories available over the counter at the druggists, your doctor will prescribe the medication as per your requirement. However, know that for the medicines to take proper effect, you should follow the directions of your doctor precisely.For women, it is important to know that douching with water regularly is actually very bad for the female body, it washes away certain natural secretions and bacteria required to keep the body healthy. However, when faced with infection, douching with yogurt (dip tampon in yogurt, insert into vagina. Alternately, rub on the outside. Do either just till relief is felt, after which wipe off immediately) has been known to help. People should avoid THE PILL, body sprays, synthetic underwear, tight clothing, moist environments, pantyhose among other things (consult your doctor for a better understanding).While doctors do not consider it helpful, many vow that apart from the recommended clinical treatment, some home treatments surely take care of the yeast infection with far reaching effect when weighed against antibiotics. Yogurt is famous for fighting yeast but ensure it is natural. If you cannot drink dairy milk, making yogurt at home using soy milk is great too!Another fighter you can utilize from your kitchen is garlic! Women swear that it unfailingly offers immediate relief. You can either eat it or apply to infected area (females can insert into vagina). It is quick, perennially accessible and natural!Herbal and homeopathy healing courses can also be tried out. You may want to talk to an expert on this subject to get more details about how effective it is. Patients that have suffered the agony of going through it a second time even after taking prescribed drugs recommend that when it does hit you once more, abandon the latter and in its place go for medicines available over the counter. This is one way to beat the infection and to also not let taking too many pills kill your immunity. Do not wait for it to strike you repeatedly though. Get in touch with your system as soon as you can and know what ails it, what it needs for healing and how you can implement that.The quicker one acknowledges this the better chances of truly finding a solution. You must question yourself, why am I subject to repeated bouts? The answers are numerous, it could be your habit or need to use birth control more frequently than you should, overlooking your own cleanliness even after it came the first time, a low immune structure, get a list from the specialist who you are consulting today. One can attempt to try a detox plan under the supervision of an expert as a possible way to get rid of this.At the end of it all, if you are too weak to do anything, merely drink water the whole day and constantly urinate, the best yeast infection treatment. Make an effort to conquer your anxiety regarding the discomfort when going to the toilet, having water will ease things out.  Details at natural yeast infection treatment