male haircuts

04/16/2012 01:20

When it comes to how often you should cut your hair the answer is the same for both men and women. Even women who are known for their long locks still need to have the damaged ends removed. Men tend to keep their hair short and styled so you would think that they would need to a haircut more often, but that isn't always the case. It really depends on your particular style and the rate at which your hair grows.If you hair is exposed to a lot of chemicals and products, which most men's hair is, then damage is being caused and this will mean that regular haircuts are essential to help reduce any long lasting damage and to remove the damage that has already been caused.Generally speaking hair should be cut at least once every 6 - 8 weeks, which is roughly once in two months. The average person's hair grows about an inch every month. Your hair texture and sensitivity to damage will also play a determining factor in how often you should cut it. If you regularly get a trim then you should only need to remove around a 1/4 of an inch. If not, you will need to have more taken off to remove any damage and of course bring your hair back to your chosen style.Take a good look at the general thickness of your hair from root to tip and check for thinning, frizz and split ends. Regular haircuts and trims will help to keep problems like these at bay and even prevent them from happening again.Trimming hair does have its benefits. It makes it grow stronger and healthier after it's been exposed to damaging factors like environmental conditions, unprofessional hair care and daily hair styling routines that are harmful and not properly timed. Not cutting your hair can take its toll on hair and can give it an unkempt look.Having your hair cut often and the ends trimmed by a professional stylist will not only keep your hair looking its best but also make it easily fall in place and assume the style you chose while having it cut. The end result will be great hair that looks well maintained and stylishly trim, provided you take time to determine how often you should cut your hair.   Find more at male haircuts