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If you do a search for LifeVantage scam online, you will more than likely find many posts from disgruntled employees and/or distributors claiming that it is a total scam and that it is a total waste of money.But is that true?For one thing...I can honestly tell you that I am not associated with LifeVantage so I am in no way biased as to my review of the company. But, if you are looking into starting a business with LifeVantage, it is of utmost importance that you do your due diligence.Network marketing can be a very lucrative career if you have the right mlm training. But can you be successful with LifeVantage?According to its website, LifeVantage Corporation was founded in 2003 and publicly traded. It offers two main products:Protandim - an Atioxidant Therapy   Details at LifeVantage
TrueScience - an Anti-Aging CreamOf course, aging, health and wellness are a multi-billion dollar industry. With proper training, you can definitely market these types of products successfully.LifeVantage Compensation PlanLifeVantage's compensation plan has six layers of unlimited income potential. You can earn money from retail sales of LifeVantage products, a weekly Fast Start Training Bonus, a Monthly Fast Start Bonus Pool, monthly Unilevel bonus, Matching Bonuses, and Leadership Bonuses.LifeVantage Opportunity InvestmentAll new distributors of LifeVantage are required to purchase a Starter Kit at the time of sign-up. the cost of the Starter Kit is $50.00 plus shipping and handling.There are also various levels of distributor packs ranging from $50 to $600 and monthly autoships from $110.00 to $310.00.Success with LifeVantage BusinessTo be successful with a LifeVantage business opportunity you need the right training. Most network marketing companies teach the same old-school methods of making a list of friends and family to market to. However, those methods no longer work.Learning how to use Social Media and Internet Marketing will allow you to go out and build a very significant business.Needless to say, with the right network marketing training you can be very successful with LifeVantage    Find more on this page.