hot wheels

01/31/2013 02:37

Mattel's Hot Wheel Cars are manufactured from die cast metal. They made there debut in 1968, and were a huge marketing success. There was an initial 16 car line up that is now refereed to as the "Sweet Sixteen". These 16 diecast cars came in assorted colors and makes and were originally manufactured in plants located in the United States and Hong Kong. Visit us at hot wheels. The production of Hot Wheel Cars is moved fully to Hong Kong in 1972. Between the years 1968 and 1972 every car had it's own distinctive trait. Early models had there tyres emblazoned with a red line on the tyre walls. These fresh models developed the Redlines as a very effective trademark, and so a new era of die cast cars was born.Hot Wheels Cars are as much a part of growing up as TV, and if you are in your forty's you will know what i mean. Early Redlines were copies of popular car models of the era and were thus ingrained into the American culture. In fact 9 of the cars were fashioned after cars of that era, and the other 7 were more like exhibit cars.Redlines didn't just rely on red tyres to grab the public attention. An example of this would be brightly painted colors using a metallic paint called Spectaflame paint. The many styles of car would go on to trigger the imagination of many a young boy all over the world. Your car would arrive strikingly packaged in a blister pack with flashy colored cardboard backs.Maybe you are someone who is trying to recapture a long lost childhood by collecting these rare vintage early Hot Wheels. The market for collecting these cars in general is on the rise.With the dawning of the internet, collecting even the rarest of Hot Wheel Cars is now a possibility. Make sure you are able to identify the grade and shape of the Redlines you would like to bid on or buy. Thanks to the internet, finding the car of your choice has never been easier.           More details on our website.