hair donation organizations

04/09/2012 21:35

Hair donation organizations use donated human hair to make wigs for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or as a result of undergoing chemotherapy.For a cancer patient, losing his or her hair can be a deeply upsetting experience. If the patient has always worn their hair long, they may feel that they are losing a part of their identity. Artificial wigs often do not look natural and do little to hide the problem. To make matters worse, a bald head attracts attention, particularly for a woman. This can lead to strangers asking awkward questions about the cancer and the treatment, which may be something that the patient would prefer not to talk about.By donating to hair donation organizations, ordinary people can help those who are suffering from cancer. Hair does not cost anything to grow, so this is a method of giving that even people on low incomes can take part in. The one thing that is needed is patience, as human hair grows at a rate of only half an inch per month.In order to donate your hair, it will need to be long and not bleached, although hair that has been colored without using bleach is acceptable. It must be at least 10 inches long because several inches are used up in stitching the wig together. Most female cancer patients want to wear long wigs if possible, so very long hair is in demand by the wig-makers. If your hair is curly, pull it straight to measure the length.Donating hair is very straightforward. The hair needs to be washed, dried and free from any styling products or chemicals. Pull it into a ponytail and cut just above the band, then place it in a plastic bag and mail it to the hair donation organization. It is very important that it remains tied together as a ponytail. If you go to a stylist and tell them that you want to donate your hair, they will make sure that it is cut correctly. Some salons will even give you a free haircut if you donate your hair.By donating your hair, you can give a much needed boost of confidence to a cancer patient by providing them with a natural-looking wig. If you have long hair which you are interested in donating, ask at your local salon to find out more.    Details at hair donation organizations