golf swing

04/20/2012 00:17

If you can develop at least some sort of consistency in your swing, you will play better golf and enjoy the game more. Of course it takes practice to ingrain that near-perfect swing into your body makeup so it is automatic. A consistent swing will give you confidence and confidence in anything makes you perform better.Man do we love to move our heads when we're talking, eating, sleeping and even playing golf. Keeping your head still while focused on the ball is fundamental to a consistent swing. Your head should be in line with your spine slightly tilted so that your left shoulder moves under your chin during your backswing.Okay, let's see what we can do about keeping our heads still during our swing. Take your normal stance after approaching the ball, but stand straight up. Don't slump over the ball, but bend at your waist moving your head slightly downward until you can look straight at the ball. As you take you backswing, keep your eye on the ball and your head still. In other words don't move your head from side to side or back and forth. Practice doing this several times without hitting the ball until you feel comfortable.You may need to practice this several times before you even get to the course. You want to feel comfortable until it becomes natural. You do this to ingrain the motions in your muscles and mind so you can consistently repeat it time after time on the course. Remember, if you really are serious about improving your game, then you know that practice makes perfect as every successful athletic will tell you.How many times have you caught yourself tensing up before the swing and even during the swing? Sometimes you're relaxing pretty good as you take the club back, then tense up as you swing the club down so you can really smack that ball. It's almost guaranteed to result in a poor shot. You've got to relax. As you stand over the ball, relax your fingers and re-grip the club without choking it. Even taking a deep breath before swinging the club will help you relax. You just can't maintain the proper body balance during the swing if you're tensed up. Using a longer club on some shots will also help you relax as you'll more than likely take a smooth swing instead of trying to "kill" it just to get the ball to the green.Just these 2 basic tips can really improve your game and make it more fun. Anything to help you make an occasional birdie and more pars will give you more confidence which is crucial to lower scores. So work on keeping your head straight and relaxing on every shot and you'll have a more consistent swing and more success. However, it's up to you to put in the necessary practice or your game will continue to be inconsistent.Golf is a great, but difficult game, so why don't you make it easier to play by practicing just the 2 basic tips mentioned here? You'll be glad you did. Your playing partners will notice the difference, but by all means don't mention the fact that you've actually been practicing so those guys really think that "you're the man."    Find additional details at golf swing