erection dysfunction

04/20/2012 00:23

A moderate amount of alcohol drinking can be good for enhancing a well-being feeling as some scientific studies. But excessive alcoholism can cause a range of health problems such as cardiovascular problems, obesity, and sexual disorders. A slowing effect produced by alcohol on the nervous system can impact the functions of the central nervous system. Over time, the continuous consumption of alcohol can take a toll on the sex life and affect overall health. It can not only affect physical, but also mental health. Eventually, many men experience erection problems due to excessive alcoholism. Erectile dysfunction: A closer viewA man is known to be suffering from impotence when he is not able to get and/or maintain an erection during penetrative sex with sexual stimulation. A range of physiological or psychological issues can be linked with the occurrence of this problem in men of all ages. Our brain is the orchestrator in the erection process. When sexually stimulated, the signals are transmitted by the brain to the nervous and muscular system to increase the flow of blood to the penis. If due to any health problems, there is disruption in any of these processes, a normal erection cannot be achieved. Ageing was earlier believed to be the only reason behind this sexual dysfunction, but with the occurrence of this condition in men younger in age, the need to further study the root cause of this sexual dysfunction has raised. The link between impotence and alcoholismAlcohol is a chemical depressant, which is known to slow down the response time of our body. As a result, it impacts the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, and the genitals. Alcohol can hamper the ability of a man to achieve an erection by blocking the reflexes from the brain to the nerves and the arteries. The "brewer's droop" is the term used for describing the temporary erectile problem with alcohol. In some extreme cases, this habit can even lead to irreversible nerve damage. Hormones play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy sex life for both men and women. Excess consumption of alcohol can lead to significant drop in the level of testosterone in men, which eventually causes diminished sexual desire. Anxiety and depression are some of psychological issues associated with alcohol abuse, which can also cause male impotence in men of all ages. It can impair physical activity due to impaired concentration and judgement. So it can be concluded that consuming alcohol for long duration can not only put your physical health into jeopardy, but also psychological health. But fortunately, with the help of many effective methods, psychological and physiological affects of alcoholism can be treated in a significant amount of time. How to treat erectile dysfunctionCouples, who are in a long-term relationship, can take help of natural methods for impotence treatments. For alcohol-induced impotence, it is necessary to take appropriate consultation from healthcare experts along with psychotherapy to control stress and anxiety. Gingko biloba is an herb that is known to improve blood circulation to the penis for production of stronger and firmer erections. However, it should not be taken if you are already on some blood-thinner medications. Natural aphrodisiacs can ensure to enhance your body's ability to achieve proper erection with sexual stimulation. In addition to these natural methods, you can also perform certain penile and pelvic-floor muscle exercises to improve overall lovemaking experience. Jelq is an exercise that can help in enhancing the musculature of the phallus, which ensures a good flow of the blood for erection. The pelvic floor muscles (pubococcygeus) can be strengthened by performing Kegel exercises. This can eventually help in better control over ejaculation during penetrative sex.   Find more at erection dysfunction