eczema vs psoriasis

04/09/2012 22:03

Is it eczema or psoriasis? How will people know the difference? Time and again, the two skin illnesses are mixed up or meshed. There are almost identical and parallel manifestations like parched skin with irrepressible itchiness, redness, bruises and scratches which are not so pleasant to look at. Yet, eczema is a distinct condition from apart from psoriasis.INDICATIONSEczema typically begins with scratching that is out of control. The irritation can be so harsh that redness occurs as well as cracks. With psoriasis, pallid flakes called scales are more prominent. Psoriasis would possibly itch but the pain is so much more distressful than the feeling of itchiness. Furthermore, people experiencing psoriasis tend to acquire arthritis because their joints swell due to the condition.DURATION/FREQUENCYSkin conditions like eczema or what is termed atopic dermatitis appears on childhood and adolescence on average. In a number of cases, the problem of eczema is persistent until adulthood. This condition may vary by and large to the individual. This is because the response to the medication varies from case to case. With psoriasis, the situation is dominant in maturity. To a great extent, people with psoriasis would have to deal with the challenging condition all throughout their existence.APPROACH/FINDINGSA skin specialist would normally conduct a physical analysis through check up or medical examination. The person's family history and his own health history and issues if ever will be discussed. Laboratory tests will be asked if the doctor deems they're necessary. Allergy tests will also be carried out. However, in instances when the doctor still finds that there is a gray area, skin biopsy will be requested.TRIGGERING FACTORSEczema's triggering factors may include recurrent exposure to skin irritants or skin allergens. Psoriasis on the other hand is primarily caused by an excessively active immune system where the body generates skin cells too quickly.STATISTICSStudies show that about one fifth of the current world population have been subjected to the dilemma brought about by atopic dermatitis or eczema. Cases of psoriasis are much lower. Psoriasis is less in occurrence than eczema.CARE AND TREATMENTThere are medications in the form of ointments and creams that relieve skin itching and swelling. They are typically recommended to control eczema and psoriasis. There are over the counter medicines or OTC's and there are also medicines that can be bought with a prescription. In extreme cases of psoriasis, stronger drugs may be given since this is meant to regulate the movement of the body's immune system. Psoriasis has its own complications.Although eczema and psoriasis are two very distinct terms and illnesses, both would entail a strong support group. Aside from emotional stability, research would reveal that indeed these two skin diseases are so challenging that they could change a person's life and family forever. In as much as the physical treatment is continuous, the strength of the person's character should never wane. Getting accurate information about eczema and psoriasis is so essential to carry on and never lose hope.   Check out  eczema vs psoriasis