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04/09/2012 00:40

A healthy diet and good nutrition are keys for good dental health. Eating food from all food groups is very important. A balanced diet can help prevent cavities and even lead to naturally whiter teeth. It's easy to fight off tooth decay if you know what kind of foods can help your teeth.      Fruits like apples and oranges contain a lot of Vitamin C, which holds cells together. Disregarding this vitamin could cause gums to break down and be more prone to disease and infection. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system which benefits not just your teeth but your whole body.    

  Foods low in acid like milk and yoghurt are good for teeth. Less acid means less wear. Milk has lots of calcium, which is the main element of teeth and bones. Cheese also contains calcium and phosphates, which balances out acid levels in the mouth, restores tooth enamel and helps produce saliva.      Animal meat like beef, turkey, chicken and chicken eggs have lots of phosphorous. Along with calcium, phosphorous is another very important mineral for strong and healthy teeth and bones. Eating these foods would give your dentist St. Petersburg an easier time with your teeth in general.      There are other random foods that have good benefits for teeth. Eating celery produces saliva and massage teeth and gums. Sesame seeds are high in calcium and can help build enamel. They also reduce plaque. Onions have sulfur, which kills of bacteria, and green tea can help eliminate bad breath and contains fluoride. Ask your dentist St. Petersburg for more advice on healthy foods.      All that aside, there is one thing that most people neglect to say when it comes to consumables which are healthy for the teeth. That one thing is water: the universal solvent, seventy point nine percent of the Earth's surface and vital for all form of life on the planet. Water produces saliva and washes the oral cavity. By mixing with saliva, water sets down minerals into the teeth and keeps it hydrated. It also washes out food particles from teeth.  Details at Citrus Heights dentist