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05/06/2012 22:10

Your website is now ready and may even be live on the web and now you want generate traffic to your site.If this is you then continue reading.Your site may be the best looking and most interesting site but you just cannot remain cool and relaxed expecting visitors to find you and come to your site without any effort on your part. That is not how it works.As a matter of fact your effort to generate traffic has to start from the point you start creating your web site. You might wonder how or what you can do to generate traffic just before starting your website. Well, that is what we call brain storming or finding right keywords that people are looking for and has good potential market value.Find more at buy traffic Your next step has to be creating great content, content that people are searching for and content that the search engines want to present to their customers. In other words, content that has significant value to the readers and content that is optimized for search engines.Does this sound complicating or overwhelming?Well if you have not completed these two steps so far, go back and adjust your website accordingly and then look for other ways of generating traffic.1. After you have completed the two steps mentioned above your next step should be distributing your site to as many places as possible on the internet. You can do this by submitting articles to article directories. Purpose of this is to get in bound links to your website. In bound links play a major role in getting indexed and getting a higher rank in natural or organic results.2. Linking to other sites in your niche will bring targeted traffic to your site. This is a very effective way of getting traffic to your website. When you try link building it's important that you go for sites of your niche and also look for sites that has high page ranking.3. Setting up a face book page and trying to attract your fans to your site is also good way of getting traffic to your site. You can also ask your friends to recommend your site to their friends. Don't forget to put a link to your website in your face book page.4. Creating a traffic through press release is also a method many internet marketers use. You also can use this method if you feel comfortable using this.The above methods are free and may take some time to get traffic to your site.If you can afford to buy traffic to your site you can get traffic much faster. However getting free or organic traffic should be your number one choice.Using Google AdWords for generating traffic to your site can be the easiest way and by using very targeted keywords you can draw buyers without having to spend a fortune.If you are using AdWords to generate traffic you must do everything you can to avoid visitors who are just browsing from clicking your ads.You can also buy ad space from sites that can send traffic to your site.Whatever method you use to generate traffic you should always have to work hard to be high on organic ranking.    For more visit this great site.