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04/22/2012 01:36

The Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos was developed to be a complete nutrition and strength training program to help dieters lose unhealthy body weight in a healthy manner.This program was created by Rob when he finally discovered the true secret to healthy weight loss after him and his wife had struggled for years with their weight loss efforts.The main goal of the Rob Poulos's program is to help you increase your lean muscle mass by making use of the time-saving, full body workout which Rob presents in his program. Rob uses specific exercises combined with proper nutrition to help you create a body that burn more calories throughout the day.One of the major highlights of this program is the need for you to carry out the program's exercise routines in a slow manner in order to maximize their impact - and that is aimed at tiring out your muscles.This way, you end saving a lot of time thereby spending less time during your workouts. The program expects that by using this strategy, your metabolism will significantly increase and work more effectively for up to 48 hours after your workout sessions.It is also interesting to note that the exercises in the Fat Burning Furnace are not actually that difficult. They are also well described with photos giving you specific directions.With respect to nutrition, the Fat Burning Furnace includes guidelines on the types of food to eat daily that will provide the nutrients your body needs for it to perform properly in conjunction with the program's exercises to dramatically increase your body's fat burning capability.Rob's program is specifically designed to help you develop a better understanding of the right types of food to eat. The program among other things helps you to effectively separate the good fats from the bad fats, understand how to feed into your carb cravings without increasing your waist line, as well provide you with some great tips on how to take advantage of some powerful fat burning hormones while you sleep.To help you achieve the best from the Fat Burning Furnace, Rob Poulos has also included sample meal plans, a basic body fat percentage analyzer, a printable planner to help you track you progress, as well as the inclusion of a special site where you can get lots of free recipes to use along with the program.Of the three sections the program is divided into, the first is basically an introduction that covers general information about weight loss and the diet program itself. The second section is for the exercise and workout routines while the third covers the program's nutrition.Another interesting thing about Rob's program is that it is designed for a wide range of individuals ranging from beginners to intermediates as well as advanced users. Rob presents each group with relevant exercise and workout routines thereby making it easy for each group to work at their own pace.Overall, the Fat Burning Furnace is aimed at teaching you to eat like a normal person while simultaneously helping you to shed any excess body fat. The combination of this healthy eating lifestyle and the simple time-saving but effective workout routines of the Fat Burning Furnace make the program one that is guaranteed to be truly effective in helping you quickly achieve your weight loss goals.      Check out buy fat burning furnace for details.