bodywarmers South Africa

01/31/2013 02:29

What you need to snug and warm this skiing season... ( can also apply to the cold British winter..!!)So you are planning on going skiing or snowboarding this winter. What do you take with you to ensure you stay warm this coming season? I would definitely recommend a buying a leather hat  - specifically the trapper style - sometimes called a pilot hat. Check out bodywarmers South Africa. These hats are  inspired by classic aviator hats and have become the go-to style for skiers and snowboarders over the past few years. Hats lined with fur with side flaps that  can be worn down over the ears for extra warmth or buckled over the top out of the way. With this hat you'll stay nice and warm but look super cool! What's more these hats are not just for men, they look great on women too!So you are heading out for a day on the piste, what about some hand or body warmers. Although you may be warm as you are slaloming down those slopes, it can get pretty chilly while sitting on a ski lift. You can find  hand or body warmers  that give  7 hour warmth or even ones that will  last up to 12 hours..! Try a body warmer with a "sticky patch" easier to keep in place.Finally our last must have item are a pair of snowboots a great choice for wearing to and from the slopes as well as while taking part in other activates around your ski resort, such as tubing, sledging, going on a sleigh ride or heading off to an après ski party. We like Gumrunners snowboots from gumbies they have a soft fleece lining will keep your feet warm and snug and the waterproof nylon outer shell will repel snow keeping you dry. The rubber treaded sole has fantastic grip helping you to avoid any unfortunate accidents. The boots fit closely and snugly to your feet and the quick release Velcro lining allows you to slip them on and off quickly and easily. great boots and a reasonable priceI am sure there are loads more essentials out there - these are just a  few...!!           Find us on our website with details.