amtico flooring

04/30/2012 03:17

One of the most significant contributions of home décor comes from the choice of flooring for your home. This can allow a fresh look to a room even after years of using the same flooring. There are several options that you will have with regards to choices and available options. But there is a need to understand the one that will be durable and at the same time exude brilliant finish and looks even after a long time of usage.There are several names in the sphere of wooden and vinyl options. And among these there is the trustworthy name of Amtico offers a wide variety of floorings at a cost effective and affordable price. There is a range of different designs and patterns that offer beautiful options for the flooring of your home. More at amtico flooring There is also a choice of colors and shades in this. You can complement the décor of a room as per the desired effect. There are lighter shades that can create a space effect and a feel of airiness in the ambience. And then there are rich dark shades that make a room feel and look warm and cozy.Amtico tiles are manufactured with the help of advanced technology. There is a use of resin that is amalgamated with stabilizers and plasticizers. They are made with high compression and temperature that result in a non-porous surface of the tiles.The tiles that are made from this are thus extremely strong and durable. They can be expected for a long performance even after several years of service. And in this there are different variations created as well to produce variety in designs. There is a collection of tiles by the name of Spacia under the same brands that has created a new look of stone tiles.These are also available in different size specifications for different kinds of options that you may wish to use. All the tiles from Amtico come with a 20 years warranty that is started from the moment they have sold you a product. These are applicable on the color, texture and finish of the products. Amtico Flooring ContractorsThere are several flooring contractors who are also authorized dealers of Amtico tiles. They will be able to provide all kinds of tile selections and installations for your requirements. There is a wide range of collections that each of the dealers have with them for installation choices for homes and other premises.   Visit this great site for details.